I am grateful for a fun day in the garagenous zone. I did a bunch of matting and framing, and then some woodwork to make a better greeting card display. At some point in there the kids joined me, and got into their own projects. Farley made a giant F, and painted it red. Cooper made a checkers set using slices he sawed from an old broom handle and a piece of scrap plywood he sawed a grid pattern into. Both of them came up with these projects on their own, and after I showed Farley how to drill and then screw together the first screw, he did all the rest, and after I showed Coop how to set up the fence on the table saw and cut a groove, he did all the rest. Nice to see those guys show initiative, and learn some mastery on the way to manifesting their ideas into reality. If that’s not nice, what is?

I am grateful chicken enchiladas Julie made for supper.

I am grateful for a swim with those same fellas. It was good to see them run around, it was good to get the dust off, and it was good to sit in the hot tub for a while.

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