I am grateful for a visit with an old friend who I haven’t seen in a long time. They were in town and came by the hotel to see me. Many big life changes since I saw him last, him: married, kids, me: moved, kids. Hard to believe how much has happened in the last dozen or so years.

I am grateful for lunch with Julie, and a quick conversation with another friend we ran into. Victoria is the smallest of 3 cities I’ve resided, and there is no doubt that kind of thing happens more here.

I am grateful for supper julie made. It was this slliced flank steak she does in a peanut sauce, with rice noodles and an asian-style coleslaw. Tasty as all heck.

I am grateful for time spent playing Dungeons and Dragons with my kids. They are pretty fired up about it these days, and so, as it turns out, am I.

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