I am grateful for a show I just took down from the central branch of the public library.

I am grateful for cooperative kids for that takedown, I had them both with me. Luckily enough, the paintings weren’t far from the kids section of the library.

I am grateful for some general excitement at the pet store today. We’d decided to surprise our kids with a cage for gerbils at Christmas; previously we’d taken a pretty hard line against any mammalian pets. Today we decided to get the animals. Sadly, there weren’t any ready for us to take home, but we were able to meet and hold some of the litter born December 8th that we would be able to get in a week or so. They are cute little fellers!

I am grateful for the Mandalorian, the Star Wars based TV series. For the first time I can recall us doing so, our whole family binge-watched a bunch of episodes today.

I am grateful for my brother in law, who is here for a visit. He was keen to join in on the Mandalorian, and to entertain his excited nephews.

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