I am grateful for Farley’s second piano lesson, and my first Farley’s piano lesson. He learned a bit of the Star Wars theme.

I am grateful for a quick visit with the baby Gerbils for Farley and I at the pet store that we’ve ordered them from. Cute little fellers, they are.

I am grateful for a quick trip to the beach even though it was raining and cold, and Cooper tripped in a stream and lost his shoe, for a while suspected to have washed into the ocean but later recovered, and an ear injury to Farley, when, on the way down, Cooper managed to accidentally hit him in the noggin with a small trowel. It must have been good, the trip to the beach, that I am still grateful despite all that.

I am grateful for some Dungeons and Dragons with my lads and brother in law this evening. The adventurers managed to defeat 2 ochre jellies in the ruined dwarven temple. It was no trip to the beach, that!

I am grateful for time spent listening to Farley read this evening.

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