I am grateful for a successful small repair I affected today, fixing a leaky faucet. It meant I needed to venture out and drive to a few different places to find the part I needed. I feel obliged to stay safe at home whenever I can, but the leak was getting worse with each passing day and needed to be dealt with. Any trip outside my house seems like a risk I need to weigh before taking, but once I committed, I have to admit enjoying getting out into the world for a bit. I am also grateful for a silent, dry bathtub tap.

I am grateful for the sense of normalcy that comes with time no matter how weird the situation. There’s nothing about this pandemic to like, but after weeks of social and physical distancing rules being followed, they don’t feel new anymore. It feels like just another day.

I am grateful for dinner Julie made. We’ve been eating well during this crisis. so far.

I am grateful for a phone conversation with my brother this evening.

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