I am grateful for time spent outside today. Lots of time outside.

I am grateful for a crowd of neighbours on our street that we can talk to on a near daily basis without getting within 6 feet of anyone.

I am grateful for kids across the street that my kids can scoot around with on their scooters with only mild occasional shouting about physical distancing.

I am grateful for a game of croquet on our front lawn that Julie requested. We mostly got distracted and left before it was finished, but whatever. Everyone seemed fine with that.

I am grateful for Thai food we took out from Nohra Thai in Estevan Village. Since the quarantine started, we haven’t done any takeout food. It was a treat.

I am grateful for some beardless Cranium we played this evening, just doing a few cards until we were done with it. It’s funner for us that way, or so we presume.

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