I am grateful for one of the few positive effects the pandemic has had for me, which is getting back in touch with a bunch of old friends I used to have breakfast with every Sunday when I lived in Vancouver. I’ve known some of those guys since I was 12, and when I moved away to Victoria in 2006, I know that was something I’d miss. Since the social distancing guidelines have been put in place though, it’s been happening on Skype, so it’s been easy for me to join. This was the third week that’s happened, and I have very much enjoyed seeing them all. A few Calgarians were in there, too.

I am grateful for the successful planting of a kwanzan cherry tree in our front yard as an early Mother’s Day gift for my lovely spouse, who is the mother of our children, and according to the t-shirt, also Mother of Dragons. Farley helped for a bit, too.

I am grateful for time spent in the hillbilly hot tub this evening, under a fair amount of moonlight.

I am

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