I am grateful for a good long while spent on the living room floor with my lads building Lego. I built a drawing machine, and I was pleased with how it turned out. The pandemic has been tough on the artist in me. I am driven to paint but it’s hard to find the time when I have my kids to look after all day. When I can let go of my ambition and just embrace dadhood, though, I can very much enjoy just hanging out with my lads.

I am grateful for time spent on the treehouse project, and for foam tiles that came to me from my downsizing friend, Francis. Farl and I were able to trim them in to cover the entire floor. With just one half tile and a few scraps to spare. Perfect!

I was similarly grateful to witness an inaugural game of rummy in there, just after supper.

I am grateful for a good chunk of time spent painting this evening. It was the first time I was able to do that in a while, and it felt great.

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