I am grateful for help from my print shop and my spouse in the delivery of a print to a customer today.

I am grateful for the discovery that pasta and sauce can be prepared in one pot with no strainer. I’ve done mac and cheese that way, and now spaghetti with marinara sauce. Makes lunch with kids during this pandemic a bit easier.

I am grateful for time spent with a 3 year old who helped me remove a handle from an old door and install it on the treehouse. He didn’t make a particularly quick job of it, but it was fun seeing him pick up the basics of it pretty quick, and he was an enthusiastic helper.

I am grateful for completion of the treehouse. It now has a door with the handle I mentioned, and a pulley system that can transport a basket of stuff to a window. It also features a hammock inside, and is equipped with a small cabinet containing playing cards and several books of The Far Side cartoon strip. I am sure there will be ongoing projects to do in there, but I’m ready to clean up and put my tools away for a while, and let kids do with it what they will.

I am grateful for Coop, who left a note that I discovered that is intend for his brother to find tomorrow, to wish him a Happy Birthday.

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