I am grateful for that Farley kid. It was his birthday today, and I really wanted him to feel the birthday love, but I was afraid it would be tough under these pandemic circumstances, but it was great.

We started off with the opening of one present, then another from his brother – Coop got him, amongst other things, bubblegum. We then had the crèpes he requested for breakfast, followed by rampant cartoon watching with intermittent phone conversations with grandparents. After he’d had enough of that he played with a pal outside for a bit, then back in for lunch, which was Kraft dinner, again, as requested.

Julie made it back for lunch too, because she knew as I did that the Victoria Fire Department got wind of Farl’s birthday, and they were planning to do a drive by. They arrived with lights and modest “Boop boops” on the siren button, had a sign that read “Happy Birthday Farley”, and stopped for a good long chat and some photos. Then there was another present or two, and a chat with his uncle and cousin.

There was more playing outside, this time with brand new remote control car. Soon Julie came home with the requested takeout from the Fifth Street Grill, then an obscene amount of presents, and then it was time for the program we’d planned.

The other three of us performed in song, rap, standup comedy, and participatory experiential installation art, all for an audience of one.

We had ice cream cake with Skor bars in one layer and Skittles in the other, again, as requested. We followed that with a screening of the new Pixar film, Onward.

I a grateful to Julie and Coop for making his day so great. It was a team effort. I hope he remembers it for a long time.

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