I am grateful for time spent painting this morning.

I am grateful for time spent on a project making the walls of my utility trailer a bit taller, so I can throw stuff in there more easily. I really do enjoy that kind of project, made entirely out of rescued materials.

I am grateful as all heck for a first for us since March, we all got into the car, and ordered food from a food truck (Taco Justice on Cook Street), and gobbled it up on camp chairs we brought with us in an adjacent park. It was the perfect day for such a perfect experience; not too hot, not too cold, in the shade of a big tree, all of us so pleased to stretch timidly just a tiny bit outside of our usual pandemic comfort zone.

I am grateful for a walk around Playfair park after that, throwing a baseball around with my kiddos, and taking in the plentiful rhododendrons.

I am grateful for time spent with Julie this evening watching a movie.

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