I am grateful for easily accessible medical expertise in my family. I’ve sprained my ankle before, and when I fell again on Monday it felt familiar, and I knew the best thing for that was to rest it, ice it, compress it in a tensor bandage, and elevate it. It bruised up a bit more than I had seen before though, so I snapped a photo and sent it to my brother in law who is an ER doctor. He told me I should google the Ottawa rule for ankle injury, which is a pretty simple set of things to do to check for a break. There was one criterion I felt a little unsure about, so I contacted my GP, thinking I should see if I can get an X ray just so I can rule that out and relax about it.

Guess what though! I’ve got not one, but 2 bone fractures in there. Am I grateful for that? Heck no. Truth is though, it’s Thursday, and I did this to myself on Monday. I don’t know how long I would have waited for it to get better if a quick text to my brother in law wasn’t such an easy thing for me to do.

And, I am grateful as all heck for socialized medical care. I’m going to need surgery. Not grateful for that either, but I am grateful, as a self employed artist, that I don’t have to worry about who is going to pay for it all.

I am grateful for Julie, who just had a whole cuss-ton of parenting and other assorted varieties of cuss dropped onto her already cuss filled plate of cuss. Also, she just made pillow cases for me for rescued foam we dug out of our old couch before we trucked it to the dump, and those pillows are going to save my bacon over the next few weeks or months.

So, crippity crap. Not a great turn of events, but I am grateful for all the support that I need, right here, from people close to me.

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