I am grateful for time spent on a trip out to Sidney in search of a toy Farley wanted at a toy store out there, and strawberries from the peninsula.

I am grateful for a constant serenade by Cooper as he practises for an audition for his musical theatre camp.

I am grateful for time spent with Farley assembling his newly purchased model trebuchet kit.

I am grateful for time spent with Cooper helping him figure out how to use my sander to smooth out some edgesnina Mandalorian helmet he is constructing.

I am grateful for time spent with Julie on an immense strawberry jam project this evening.

And I am grateful for Julie, who is doing all the things, and is awesome like the realization that a big bunch of plants grew their hearts out for months to take sunbeams and dirt and bear strawberries, and that I was holding heaps and heaps of them in my hands, and it was such a feeling of precious divine bounty, that it makes this godless atheist start to doubt his convictions. Some things are just that good.

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