I am grateful for time spent painting.

I am grateful for some of the constraints that come with commissions. My last one was requested based on a painting I did nearly 4 years ago, and it was a trip to go back and revisit that style. The one I am working on now is of Westwood Lake near Nanaimo, which is a beautiful spot I never would have heard of if it wasn’t for the commission I am doing now. If you go there, though, stick to the trail and don’t trip and break your ankle.

I am grateful for a conversation on the phone with my dad this morning.

I am grateful for Family Fun Night, Farley’s pick. We dined on takeout from McD’s, then watched several episodes of the Simpsons. After that we all wound up hanging out in the same room for a while, reading mostly. It was nice.

I am grateful for Julie, who is doing all the things. She is awesome, like when you totally ace preparing fish on a grill.

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