I am grateful for time spent painting today.

I am grateful for a friend who is helping us co-ordinate getting kids to and fro. we’re down one driver, and that complicates things, but we’ve got some help on the carpooling front that’s making it all possible.

I am grateful for the way Farley gets around with his big mop of hair, occasionally transforming into a car like the transformers, and almost always in a jog if not a run.

I am grateful for Cooper, who practiced his heart out and auditioned at his Musical Theatre camp today.

I am grateful for sloppy joes Julie made for dinner today.

I am grateful for an exciting adventure to Langford to purchase a used phone to replace Julie’s old one. We tested it, and it didn’t work, so we didn’t buy it. I count that as a success.

I am grateful for Julie, who is doing all the things. Julie is awesome like the first time you see a crocus in bloom in the springtime.

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