I am grateful for a couple of weeks that have really felt like a summer vacation. We all went to Parksville, stayed at a motel by the beach, and had a great time there, and soon after that, the lads and I spent 5 nights in our tent trailer at Goldstream, and it was magical.

I am grateful for the happenstance of coming across this blog post I wrote, years ago, where I contemplated the transition from being the father of an infant to the father of a kid. On that day I took a bus trip with that 1 and a half year old Coop, and I remember it well. Today, we took another bus trip, rehearsing the one he’d be making on his own, with his own bus pass, because that’s how he plans to get to his new school next year. Between then and now, the adage has been so true: the days have been long, but the years have been short.

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