I am grateful for folks in town and visiting, having driven out from Calgary. We’re doing our best to do it safely, and I’ve set up what I am calling the social distancing salon in my backyard. It’s a pop up shelter, bolted down to keep it from blowing away in a storm, and a propane firepit. It’s been a good way to spend time together, but weird, with no grandkids hugging grandparents, or us, or anybody really.

I am grateful for the near miss I had with a concussion when I bonked my head pretty hard on the ice at curling. The doc said I was neurologically fine as far as she could tell, but I was worried there for a bit – I have had experience with concussions in people close to me.

I am grateful for a long phone call with my brother today.

I am grateful for time spent reading with my kids. We’ve recently gotten through Danny the Champion of the World and The BFG by Roald Dahl; this last few nights we’ve started on Watership Down. Knowing how fleeting these experiences are is a good motivator to record them here.

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