I am grateful for a walk to the mall to do some errands. All 4 of us went. It was mundane and pleasant.

I am grateful for small appliance modification victory. A formerly thrift store destined boombox will get renewed life in my studio, now that it can amplify my phone for easier listening to music and podcasts.

I am grateful for Cooper’s family fun nights. Yesterday we had a hot dog roast in our backyard, made more dramatic with 90 kmph winds that blew out our propane heaters and tossed out rain shelter around like it was the mainsail on an 18th century pirate ship in a squall. we persevered and roasted smokies to perfection anyway. Then we went inside and watched a bunch of Simpsons episodes. Tonight, we used the pizza dough the boys made this morning to make the best dang pizza we’ve ever done, then screened the Simpsons Movie. Fun times, all of it.

I am grateful for my new label printer. Nothing gets the heart pumping like the acquisition of office equipment.

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