I am grateful for the time to experiment making focaccia today. It turned out pretty good for the half-cussed attempt that it was.

I am grateful for a productive day in the studio, which is what I am now calling the garage, even though I wasn’t painting. I did make and pack a lot of boxes though, and cut some mats and framed some prints, which was all enjoyable enough.

I am grateful I have that studio. This pandemic robbed me of the facility I had access to before, and I don’t know what is so if I didn’t have the space that I have here at home.

I am grateful for Farley, who can change good transformer in 18 second. I know because he asked me to time him.

I am grateful for Coop, who is so dedicated to getting his Rick Astley look for a classroom project 80s themed video right that he had Julie cut his hair to match that is Mr. Astley’s, using the 1987 music video as a reference.

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