I am grateful for Cooper. We celebrated his birthday today.

The pool rental party for him that we booked in September was cancelled, because Covid ruins everything, so we made due on our own.

We started the day off with birthday presents and pancakes, then took the boys ice skating. I am grateful for all that.

A highlight for me, though, was taking turns whacking a coronavirus piñata we made last night. It was catharsis. With each mighty strike we yelled exclamations like “this is for my birthday party!”, “This is for our cancelled road trip to Calgary!”, “This is for my studio!”, “This is for not being able to see my friends!”. It wasn’t easy to burst, which made it all the sweeter when it did. Even after it fell to the ground, that thing was further beaten to a pulp. The Pez dispensers didn’t survive. So it goes. It was worth the release, which I was very grateful for.

Something I didn’t expect today was to see friends of Coop drop by to drop a birthday gift at our doorstep, ring the bell, then retreat to a respectable distance to have a short visit before heading back to their bubbles. Coop is at an age where all his brain wants to do is socialize and feel connected to his peers. Seeing his friends, even for a few fleeting moments from a distance, was huge for him. I was very grateful for their thoughtfulness, and I am inspired to do the same for others while these restrictions continue.

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