I am grateful for a trip to the museum, where there is currently an exhibition of Emily Carr paintings and drawings. It was fantastic to see. I hope to get there again before it’s gone. All 4 of us went, and all 4 of us enjoyed it.

I am grateful for snow. It usually comes to Victoria every winter, and usually goes away within a few days. That’s the perfect amount of snow in my book. The kids were eager to frolic in it, and made a snowman this afternoon, and named him “Old Joe”. Seemed fitting; Wise beyond his years.

I am grateful for the solstice. it feels like a day we can all turn the page. The days get longer from here until summer, and hopefully in a better year, with less Covid and more social proximity.

I am grateful for a screening of Die Hard in our living room this evening. It holds up fairly well, I’d say. I think the last time I saw it may have been in the theatre when it came out, in 1988.

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