I am grateful for a fine Christmas day.

I am grateful for the means to have kids spoiled rotten with a gratuitous pile of gifts under the tree this morning. In this age of Covid, there’s a lot of things we can’t do, but this was one of the things we could do, and it was wonderful to watch them open them all up.

I am grateful to be able to video conference with family today. It’s not as good as being there in person, but nice to feel like I’ve seen and talked with them on this holiday.

I am grateful for a great Christmas dinner; the turkey, and all the fixings.

I am grateful for our tradition of caroling our neighbours, and for the kind of great neighbours we have, the kind we’d want to carol for in the first place.

I am grateful for time spent watching telly with Julie after the kids were down, and things were a bit more quiet.

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