I am grateful for the realization that 2020, looking back, was not actually that bad of a year for me. We collectively went through a lot last year, and I am on board with the “dumpster fire” label for it. The pandemic has been tough, and the US presidential election was hard to watch, and the awful police violence that inspired the the BLM movement was alarming, and reminded us in Canada that we have no shortage of systemic racism here either, and there was fear and uncertainty in abundant supply everywhere we looked and also the places we didn’t. Here we are though. We survived it. I’d like to think I’m better for it. I’d like to think most of us are. There is hope that’s come out of our experience of 2020, and I am grateful for that hope. I am also grateful that it’s over now, and we can turn a page together.

I am grateful for the unexpected positive byproducts of the pandemic and the lockdown. I spent a lot of time I wouldn’t have otherwise with my kids. We were outside more. I prefer virtual doctor appointments, it turns out. All that, and with everyone at home with unspent vacation budget and time to contemplate the empty walls of their homes, it happens it was a good year to be selling art. I am grateful for these things.

I am grateful for a walk around 10 mile point with ours and another family today.

I am grateful for raclette at home tonight. It was cheesy and delicious.

I am grateful for a screening of Jurrasic World in our living room.

I am grateful for our view of fireworks across the city we could see from out house on a hill, and for the hooting and hollering, and the brief conversations between folks on their porches in my neighbourhood at midnight tonight.

Happy New Year!

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