I am grateful for the continued survival of all who participated in our double sleepover kid swap. 4 is more kids than I am used to being responsible for but it all worked and we had a fun time. I am also grateful to be down to 2 again, and to have a very reasonable expectation of a full night of sleep.

I am grateful for Meccano, even if it is the new plastic kind. We had some that went into storage for a while. I brought it out again today and Farley and Coop had a great time with it for hours.

I am grateful for a snoring napping Farley on my lap this afternoon. Someday too soon I will miss times like these.

I am grateful for Halloween decorations. Tonight we carved pumpkins (I went with a Mexican Day of the Dead theme). Julie and the boys also drew monsters and gouls on milk cartons, to be illuminated with LED tea lights and placed outside. Fun times!

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