I am grateful for a morning spent with a group of Nanaimo artists that’s been meeting since 1947. I was doing a demonstration of my painting via zoom with them. It was fun.

I am grateful for family fun night, Farley’s pick. we had a playdate with Lilah, a nice little dog that Farl and I see nearly every day when we walk to school at the same time that she’s out for a walk with her humans. At some point they offered us a playdate with Lilah, and today we took them up on it, and we had a fine time. She’s an easy going sort, and a polite tail wagger.

I am grateful for a walk through Summit Park, where the Camas are in bloom, and the leaves are starting to develop on the Garry oak trees.

I am grateful for rainbow loom rubber band string manufacturing paired with a few Simpson’s episodes, which was part of Farley’s choice for free family fun night.

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