I am grateful for a work filled day, and being so, so close to the end of another project.

I am grateful for a fun night with Coop. Julie and Farl were at another engagement, so we went to our favourite Vietnamese Restaurant, then off to the Board Game Cafe, where we drank Milkshakes and played 3 Boardgames (Labyrinth, Looping Louie, and the Star Wars Edition of Battleship). It was a really fun evening; It’s great to spend some time with that fella one on one.

I am grateful for the witch they’ve decorated City Hall with.

I am grateful for downtown. I miss being there every day, now that I work from home I’m not there nearly as much. I really enjoy the hum of the city. One cannot help but to feel part of something greater with so many people walking around, the lights, the traffic, and the buzz.


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