I am grateful for a walk in Horth Hill with another family yesterday, followed by a pleasant and relaxing takeout fish and chips picnic in a park in Sidney yesterday.

I am grateful for a mock trial in which Julie was found innocent of butterflyslaughter. She was charged after a less than 100% success rate on the butterflys that she tended to since they were caterpillars in a small tub, gifted to her in a kit. Coop was the prosecuted and I was the defense counsel. While Julie was upset and regretful, she was found to be acting in good faith and was exonerated, with bona fide lawyers presiding over the proceedings, in addition to children.

I am grateful for a zoom conversation with friends this morning.

I am grateful for time spent and lots done on the trailer project between yesterday and today.

I am grateful for time spent with another family today at Glen lake. It was warm enough to swim in. I was personally in there trading water for 30 minutes. It was a glorious day, and while we were all a bit chilly by the time we were packing up to go, it really did feel like summer had begun.

I am grateful for time spent withy curling buddies this evening, batting around a badminton birdie and throwing around a frisbee.

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