I am grateful for cookies Cooper made for me this morning. No kidding, they were the best peanut cookies I have ever tasted.

I am grateful for time spent chatting with friends via zoom this morning.

I am grateful for phone conversations with two important dads I know: my own father, and my brother. I talked to my mother, too.

I am grateful for time spent working on my trailer.

I am grateful for breakfast sandwiches Julie made for us.

I am grateful for a nap after all that.

I am grateful for time spent swimming in Elk lake with my family this afternoon, and for chance meetings there with a few folks we know.

I am grateful for takeout from Subway in our backyard, and a few games of Kan Jam, which is the finest frisbee based game there is, and what I received as a Father’s Day gift today.

I am grateful time spent batting around a badminton birdie with friends this evening.

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