I am grateful for some mighty pretty Rocky Mountains on the flight to Calgary today, looking like islands, poking up above the clouds.

I am grateful to be here to visit my grandma. I am grateful she let me record a conversation with her today about things she remembered from childhood, about meeting my grandad, about raising her family, about how it feels to be where she is now, looking back at her life from her room in hospice, about how she thought it would be different, about how she thought it would be scary, but it isn’t. I love her. I’ll miss her. I’m grateful she was with me today as much as ever. I am grateful for her constant presence in my life, from when I was an infant, until now, when I am almost the age she was when I was born. She has good days and some not-so-good days. I am grateful today was a good day. I am grateful today is a world with my grandma in it.

I am grateful for my family. I am grateful for dinner at my parents house with my brother and my niece. I am grateful for my roots.

I am grateful that my brother now lives in my grandma and grandad’s house. It’s been renovated since they moved in, and it’s very much their house now. Still, it feels old and familiar. It feels good to be here tonight, chatting over tea at the kitchen table with my brother and sister in law after the kids have gone to sleep. I’m grateful for their hospitality.

And I’m grateful to be in bed. It’s been a big day.

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