I am grateful for a full day.

I am grateful I could be part of the effort to move stuff out of my Grandma’s last residence.

I am grateful for time spent playing board games with my Brother and our high school pal Troy at Pip’s Board Game Cafe.

I am grateful to have been able to help my sister in law with her website.

I am grateful for another visit with my grandma, this time more casual, with my Dad and some uncles around too.

I am grateful for Thai takeout with my brother and my Mom tonight. Dad was out, and Mom reflected that we don’t spend much time together, just the three of us, but it used to be that’s all we did when I was 5 and Paul was 3.

I am grateful for lots of 8 and 9 year old girl laughter from the backseat while Paul and I drove my niece and her friends to and from Girl Guides.

I am grateful for a drink at the airport with Paul before heading through security.

And my femurs are especially grateful for the exit row seat on the way home.

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