I am grateful for Farley and Coop, who decided to play together by putting Farley in some carry-on luggage to be wheeled around by Coop, much to their mutual delight. I am also grateful the luggage in question is made by a manufacturer that offers a no-questions asked lifetime warranty.

I am grateful for some time with Farley today. Julie and Coop were otherwise occupied, so we went to see the Peanuts movie at the theatre at the Student’s Union Building at UVic. We rode on my bike. It was nice. He fell asleep back there on the ride home.

I am grateful for this conversation with Farley today:

F: Papa, you are weird.

P: I’m weird?

F: Papa, you are awesome.

P: I’m awesome?

F: Papa, you are cool. Papa, weird and awesome means cool.

Weird and awesome means cool. Truer words were never spoken. 

I am grateful I live in my own dang house, where if I decide one day I just don’t like the dingy old carpet and I  want it out right now, I can get to work, and just remove it. I can do that, and reveal the original lare 50s lino tile, regardless of the wisdom of doing such a thing, without any plan for what might take the carpet’s place. Nonetheless, I am happy to be rid of it; it’s bothered me since we moved into this place.

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