I am grateful for some quality coding work this morning, with a high victory to aggravation ratio.

I am grateful for lunch at a greasy chopstick I used to eat at all the time when I worked in chinatown, but don’t get to very often anymore.

I am grateful for that look Cooper gives me when he’s really, really intently listening to whatever it is I am talking about, although I’m always a little intimidated by that look, because I know I am being recorded. It’s like he’s got a blinking red light on him.

I am grateful for snuggles with Farley while I put him to bed to night. “CAN YOU …. WUB MY BACK”, was his request, in a loud whisper. Only too happy to comply. One day he’ll be a big galoot, but today he’s little, and wants a backrub.

I am grateful for popcorn Julie made me this evening.

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