I am grateful for an epic 3+ hour swim with my family this afternoon. They opened up the waterslides for kids to try to climb up, and it was fun to see Coop and Farl try that. There was plenty of sliding down, too, and there were other fun things, rope swings, and the like.

I’m grateful for Farley. There was a great big inflatable obstacle course. The first time Farl tried it he was afraid he’d fall when he was at a high part, but he persevered, and almost made it to the end before splashing in the water. He tried again, and was apprehensive at the top, but this time made it all the way to the end. The third time he attacked it like a champ, broad smile on his face the whole time. 

I’m grateful for Coop, too. Today he went towards the deep end, to where he could barely touch, and he got treading water figured out, with egg beater legs and helicopter arms, and an expression on his face that mixed determination and surprise.

I’m grateful for parenthood, and the opportunities it affords me to watch my kids grow by the second.

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