I am grateful for a walk we took with my folks up the route I used to traverse every day to get from their house to the school I attended for grades 1-9. There’s a terrific play park near the school that my kids really dig there.

I am grateful for a walk past my old school while recess was on, and the kids were out. It was a trip to watch Cooper watching the kids play in the field, doing the math on how there was once a time I was one of them, a kid just like he is now. 

I am grateful for Village Ice Cream. That’s some good stuff. If you are ever there, do yourself a favour and try the cardamom flavour.

I am grateful for takeout dinner at my folks place with mom and dad, my bro and his clan. I am grateful that this collection of people I was lucky enough to be born into are all people I really like to hang out with.

I am grateful my parents kept the fisher price Main Street village set I had when I was little. Farley loves it and has been enjoying playing with it since we got here. He even dragged it up to the side of his bed so he could sleep near it tonight.

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