Today was my Grandmother’s Funeral. I am grateful I could be here today.

I am grateful for all the other people there today. Many are the family I’ve known since forever. Many others are family friends and other familiar faces. Many I hadn’t met at all, but I knew they had some connection with my Grandma, and I was glad they were there too.

I am grateful for my cousin John, who said all the things I needed to say, and also to hear, on behalf of all her grandchildren. He wrote something heartfelt and beautiful. When I heard it, I am pretty sure I felt the same things I think he did when he wrote and later read it, and that’s what funerals are for. All the cousins I spoke to agreed. He knocked it out of the park.

I am grateful for my niece. She had the idea to sing “Country Roads” by John Denver at the service. My grandma always loved that song. She was the kind of great grandma whose great grandchildren might know her favourite songs. Anyway, my niece, Sophia had the idea to sing it and I was asked to accompany on guitar, and that was an honour and practising making music with my niece was fun, and she rocked it. I am grateful for a state of being that was pretty intense: mid-parenting bored kids at a church, mid-grieving, in front of a bunch of people, performing, and then hearing the swell of a congregation singing along, underneath us. It felt great. I reckon grandma would have loved it.

I am grateful for a get together at my brother’s house again, formerly my grandma and grandad’s place. I’ve said it before, and am aware I might be repetitive, but this is a blog about gratitude, and I am grateful still that this house is a place I can still go. I connected with cousins and aunts and uncles, and other relatives where I am not even sure how to describe the relationship (what does once-removed mean, anyway?).

And now it’s late, and my kids, who had a big, sugar-laden day of excitement and boredom, are asleep, for which I am also always grateful.

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