I am grateful for Julie, because she comes up with stuff like a fruit taste test station for us lovelies to discover tomorrow morning.

I am grateful for our babysitter, because she is awesome and I want my kids to hang out with people like her.

I am grateful for today and every day, because I heard news today of a friend of a friend of a friend who passed away very suddenly and very unexpectedly, and stuff like that happens and it’s unfair, and any day it doesn’t happen to you is a blessing.

I am grateful that I honestly do feel that if it did happen to me though, that I’ve lived a life so far that I’m grateful for, and that I’m proud of. For the record though, I am not planning for nor wanting that to end anytime soon.

I am grateful for the perspective that comes with being self employed for a long time. Work hasn’t been busy for the past while, and I didn’t panic. In fact, I took it easy. It’s heating up now, though, so I’m glad I enjoyed some downtime while I could.

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