I am grateful for Farley. He’s 4 years old today. So big! Coop was 3 and a half when Farley was born, so it feels a little like we’ve left the charted waters and will now be setting off into new territory. I’m grateful these years having babies and toddlers around, and I am grateful for these big capable kids that are filling the void the little guys left behind.

I am grateful for my folks who flew out for the day to spend it with Farl and the rest of us. We hung out at the beach in Sidney, we conquered Bear Hill and ate donuts at the top, we bought fresh strawberries, we searched for pirate treasure on Island View beach and then wrapped it up with dinner at the Spitfire Grill before dropping them off at the airport. It was a short trip, but we packed a lot into a fun day.

I am grateful for some downtime after the boys went to sleep.

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