I am grateful for a time where I was camping, and my phone was out of batteries, and I had no internet connection to be distracted by last night; in case you were wondering why there was no blog entry.

I am grateful for kids that are just the right age to really enjoy camping. I heard numerous declarations that today has been the best day ever. The last thing I remember before everyone was quiet last night before falling asleep was Farley saying, “We are SLEEPING, in a REAL CAMPING TENT. That is SO AWESOME.”

He said this emphatically. He paused, then said it again. I think he meant it. I had to agree.

I am grateful for the brilliant shade of green of the maple leaves with the sun shining through them. 

I am grateful Farley still reaches up for my hand when we are walking sometimes. Cooper does too, but not as often these days.

I am grateful for the new playground and bike park they’ve put in here.

I am grateful for the visit from friends with similar aged kids this evening. Hot dogs and libations and kids running around. Good stuff.

I am grateful for the gentle sounds of the wind in the trees, and my 3 snoozing tent mates as I write this.

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