I am grateful for an action packed morning. I wound up doing some errands and helping a buddy buy and transport a bunch of lumber.

I am grateful for an action packed afternoon. Julie had a social engagement, so the boys and I went to see the mammoth exhibit currently on at the museum. Right now they have the preserved remains of Lyuba, a 42,000 year old baby mammoth. The whole thing was great. It’s quite something to be so close to an animal that lived so long ago.

I am grateful for a cookout at Goldstream park with 2 other families. Children ran wild, hot dogs were dropped, dusted off, and consumed, and I witnessed some of the finest marshmallow roasting I’ve ever seen.

I am grateful Farley was okay. He went missing during a game of hide and go seek, which gave us and the other parents, and also a few random strangers, a panicked few minutes of walking through the park calling his name. Four minutes before I was going to call 911, he was found, in his hiding spot, behind the door in the women’s washroom. We were all distraught, but on the plus side Farley totally nailed that game of hide and seek.

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