I am grateful for time spent starting in on a painting today.

Many stars had to align for this to happen. I am grateful for the political will in the City of Victoria to establish the Cedar Hill Recreation Centre as a place where there can be an open painting studio. I am grateful to my spouse for taking the boys and being cool with the costs associated with signing up and buying a bunch of painting gear.

I am grateful to my own self for getting my cuss together to get in there and do it. A blank canvas is an intimidating thing, but it doesn’t take long to get absorbed by applying paint to it once you start.

Long ago, I thought art was my calling, and at the age of 17, I decided art school was the way to go. After graduation, I applied at all of the big downtown fine art firms, but none were hiring.

So, I went into graphic design. a decade and a half of that of that pretty much wore down any desire to do something like paint in my spare time. For the last 2 years or so, I’ve cut down my design workload as much as possible. I now self identify as a programmer, and my job is to sit in my garage and code all day, and I love it.

I love it, but it’s been nice to feel the itch to paint again over the last several months, and tonight it was great to scratch it.

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