I am grateful for a crazy day that all worked out okay. There were kids off in different directions, places for me to be with tight timelines, logistical issues because our car had to be at the mechanic unexpectedly, and early this morning, and lots to do because there’s always lots to do.

I am grateful my folks were in town, and were extremely helpful with all that. I am grateful it all worked, and no real panic was necessary, although I considered it as an option a few times.

I am grateful for time with said folks, we had lunch at Part and Parcel, and then dinner at our house. They brought salads, we made chilli.

I am grateful for the term “Scruffy Hospitality”, which I’ve been embracing for how we do things when hosting at our house. It’s a little rough around the edges, but I hope you’ll feel the love when I yell “FAMILY HOLDBACK” when one of my kids puts a greater-than-fair-share on his plate; and usually Farley will declare that it’s a nice dinner, at some point.

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