I am grateful for lots of social media love on my birthday.

I am grateful for some successful re-organization and decluttering in our kids room today. 

I am grateful for time spent painting in the studio today. 

I am grateful for cards from my kids. Farley made one with a kind dictated sentiment and a “Monster Flamly”. Coop made one with him as a pig in a red gorilla suit saying goodbye to me on my backpacking trip. Cussin’ awesome!

I am grateful for a surprisingly long period of time my kids were playing nicely together on the back step, making structures out of clothespins. That, right there is how childhood is DONE!

I am grateful for Sushi for supper, at a restaurant that offers 30% off for the table on your birthday. Score!

I am grateful for Peach crisp Julie made me, complete with candles, the song, dancing children, and exuberant ukulele accompaniment.

I am grateful for time spent reading and snuggling my kids down for bed tonight. 

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