I am grateful for a productive day running around town. I got a bunch of stuff done, and with a good excuse to drive around in our new to us van.

I am grateful for the progression of technology. I always buy old cars, so I’m behind the times a bit, but our new van boasts a screen for the kids to watch movies in the car on road trips, on the built in VCR!

I am grateful that VHS tapes are plentiful and cheap at the thrift store in my neighbourhood. They are $0.25 each, or 5 for $1. I bought 3, and that was $0.80 including tax. I had to break a toonie!

The boys and I tested it out tonight to see if it worked. It did, and we’re stoked! We’re all set for our next road trip. 

I am grateful for Julie’s mad big hair skills, acquired as a teenager in the 80s, applied to Cooper just for fun tonight. HILARIOUS!

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