Everyone in the house slept in by about 40 minutes this morning, but we all wound up where we needed to be (just) on time. I am grateful for that.

I am grateful for a sale on 30″ square exhibition depth canvases (canvi?) at the art supply store this morning, and I am grateful my cargo bike is just fine to haul 4 of them.

I am grateful for a good chunk of time at the studio today.

I am grateful for a good chunk of time working at my desk.

I am grateful for dinner with my kids.

I am grateful for our babysitter, and for a night out with Julie. We went to a movie. We saw Sully, I’d call it good, but not great. It was in 2D IMAX, which is rare these days, but my favourite way to enjoy a film.

I am grateful for 20th century technology. Our new car has a CD player in it, which is a first for me in a car I’ve owned. I just burned a CD full of music the boys dig, and I can’t wait for them to hear some of it on the way to school tomorrow morning, without any cord fumbling or arguments with Siri!

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