I am grateful for Coop, who wants to earn his arts badge in Cubs. One suggested  option for a requirement is to design a greeting card for the Cub pack to use. Cooper’s pack was going to be part of the Remembrance Day ceremonies at the Oak Bay cenotaph today. Coop came up with the idea on his own to make a thank you card for his peers to sign and present at the ceremony.  He made it, had us all sign, and after the ceremony, he placed it at the monument. This was all his idea, and he made it happen, and I’m proud of him for doing so.

I am grateful for an afternoon with Coop, his pal, and Farley at the Royal BC Museum today.

I am grateful for a frozen turkey acquired on sale before thanksgiving, and used tonight as an excuse to have great old friends who happen to be in town this weekend over for dinner. It was a great and fun night.

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