I am grateful for breakfast that Julie made this morning. A giant pancakey thing called a dutch baby*. NOM NOM NOM!

I am grateful for a Family Day event at the Cedar Hill Arts Centre. We had a great time. Highlights included a magician, printmaking, yarn bombing, trombone playing (and many other instruments), face painting, pottery, to name a few. All that and Food trucks, too!

I am grateful for a walk around the Cedar Hill Golf Course after that, during which I spotted blooming crocuses for the first time this year.

I am grateful for Farley. He now has a snorkel and mask, and at bath time, he spends most of it submerged, exploring whatever there is to explore at the bottom of one end of the tub. One day he’ll do that in the ocean, and that will blow his mind!


* Not an actual baby. We have a strict no cannibalism rule in our house, regardless of age or nationality.

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