I am grateful for old home videos. We watched a few with Farley and Cooper today from when they were much smaller. I can’t believe those voices that were once so familiar now sound so far away – they just keep getting bigger. Grateful for that, too.

I am grateful for Farley’s ladybug costume. He got it for Halloween when he was 2 or so, but kept wearing it all year, and likely still was until after he turned 4 and he finally couldn’t squeeze into it any more. Last night when I was putting him down, after I thought he was asleep, he whispered, “Dada, do you remember my ladybug costume?”. “Yes”, I replied. “I loved my ladybug costume”, he said.

I am grateful we have a doctor’s appointment for Coop tomorrow. His cold has now also become an ear infection, and a fever, and I am looking forward to having someone tell me it’s all going to be okay. He’s been having a hard time, the poor kid.

I am grateful for lasagne.I made it tonight because Coop said he wanted it, but I enjoyed it, too.

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