I am grateful that Coop and Farley’s karate class looks like a good’un. They had their first session today and I liked the vibe of the kids and the instructors.

I am grateful for the library. Our family checked out 50 lbs of books today.

I am grateful for an afternoon of puttering around the house, getting some projects done, while kids messed around in the yard.

I am grateful for an evening of painting and going stag to a movie. I saw Life. It was not the greatest movie made, but I enjoyed it. It takes place on the International Space Station. It is kind of crazy that this setting is not in the future, but the present.  The ISS was the stuff of imagination when I was a kid; it’s remarkable how similar the movie version of the present day ISS looks to the space architecture set years in the future from films made just a few decades ago.

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