I am grateful for Farley, who, at a moment when I was feeling grumpy about all the cuss I had to do, said “this has been a very nice day!”. And he’s right. It was.

I am grateful to Coop, who was helpful when I was cleaning out the garage today. “Is there anything else I can do to help?”, he kept asking. And there was, there was lots to do. And he was helpful. And it was nice having him around.

I am grateful to Julie, who made kids dinner, and lunches, and did some laundry, and god knows what else while Coop and I were cleaning out the garage. 

I am grateful for a dip at the pool today. It was fun.

Family is a team sport. Go team!

I am grateful out skies aren’t polluted and brown like they are now all the time. The light is really weird, it looks like indoor lighting outdoors. The sun was a weird copper disc in the sky. Some of BC’s 170 current forest fires have made the skies thick with a muddy brown smoke, and it’s seriously freaking me and everyone else out. I hope it’s back to normal tomorrow.

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