I am grateful for that Farley kid. He’s 5 now. Imagine that.

I am grateful for some days spent camping in Goldstream Park. 

I am grateful for Farley’s friends and their families. They are just the kind of people who you’d want at a Birthday Party of 23 souls at a campground where the heavens opened and the rain fell in a torrent. Kids played, hot dogs were roasted, smores were devoured, and after the rain stopped the water guns came out just to make sure everyone got soaked anyway. It was the best worst case scenario ever.
I am grateful to my spouse, who is the mother of my children, and I am grateful for my mother, too. Mothers loving their children is a big slice on the great pie chart of goodness in the world.

I am grateful for my folks, who flew out here and treated us to dinner after our sojourn in the woods, and then again tonight, this time to also shower Farley with gifts, after taking him to the bakery and aquarium in Sidney.

I am grateful for Coop, who wanted me to take him to the dollar store tonight so he could spend his own allowance on birthday presents for his little brother. It was his idea, and it warmed my heart with pride to help him with that.

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